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Next, the team hopes to determine the ideal intensity and number of exercise breaks that optimize learning. That work will be led by McMaster graduate Michelle Ogrodnik.

“Our ultimate goal is to create prescriptive instructional guidelines and toolkits for instructors to incorporate exercise into classrooms to optimize academic success for students,” says Heisz.

About this neuroscience research article

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for “Sweat So You Don’t Forget: Exercise Breaks During a University Lecture Increase On-Task Attention and Learning” by Barbara Fenesi, Kristen Lucibello, Joseph A. Kim, and Jennifer J. Heisz in Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition . Published April 5 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.jarmac.2018.01.012

Source: Publisher: Image Source: Original Research:
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McMaster University “Sweat So You Don’t Forget: Exercise Breaks Improve Learning.” NeuroscienceNews. NeuroscienceNews, 17 April 2018. <>.
McMaster University (2018, April 17). Sweat So You Don’t Forget: Exercise Breaks Improve Learning. . Retrieved April 17, 2018 from
McMaster University “Sweat So You Don’t Forget: Exercise Breaks Improve Learning.” (accessed April 17, 2018).


Sweat So You Don’t Forget: Exercise Breaks During a University Lecture Increase On-Task Attention and Learning

We examined the impact of taking exercise breaks, non-exercise breaks, or no breaks on learning among first year Introductory Psychology students. Three 5-minute breaks were equally distributed throughout a 50-minute computer-based video lecture. The exercise breaks group performed a series of callisthenic exercises; the non-exercise breaks group played a computer game; the no breaks group watched the lecture without breaks. Mind-wandering questions measured attention during the lecture. Exercise breaks promoted attention throughout the lecture compared to no breaks and non-exercise breaks, and resulted in superior learning when assessed on immediate and delayed tests. The exercise breaks group also endorsed higher ratings for narrator clarity and perceived understanding than the other two groups. This is the first study to show that exercise breaks promote attention during lecture and improve learning in university students.

A strange as it may sound, the goal of life itself can be reduced to a single statement: Collect energy. Think about it, all life on earth, including humans, vies to find more efficient ways to sustain itself. In effect, an organism’s one goal is to retain order through energy consumption, reversing what is known as entropy on themselves. As an aside, entropy is still increased as a whole, only Leather Boots Brunello Cucinelli Order Cost For Sale How Much Cheap Price For Sale Online wtmFud
is decreased. Entropy is responsible for all disorder, hence an organism’s goal is to collect energy in order to reduce entropy on itself. This is essentially what remaining alive is. As such, it could be predicted that the end goal of all organisms is to eventually dominate all energy collection at any scale, whether it is stellar or galactic.

I struggle to imagine this, for it is impossible to picture what the ancestors of humanity would look like at this point. Instead, I choose to ponder the sheer battle the sons and daughters of humanity will face between order and chaos. Who will win, us or entropy? Trick question, entropy always wins. But I imagine whatever is the far flung child of what was once humanity will discover novel ways to counter entropy for as long as they can muster. I lack the ability to really describe what this battle could be like, but the below short story, ‘The Last Question’ from Isaac Asimov, is a perfect read to finish off my speculation. You can read it , or you can watch this great video:

To conclude, we can answer the question of ‘when do we evolve?’ Simply put, right now, it is happening with every genetic mutation and technological advancement we, as a collective body, experience. The real question to think about is, “What will we become?”

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